How to Read Chinese on Kindle (Kindle 汉化的方法)

Update 2010-07-30: 将于8月27日发布新版的6吋屏 Kindle


Below are steps to allow Kindle to display Chinese characters (汉化). It should work for the most current versions of Kindle 2 and Kindle DX. The one I used myself is Kindle DX Graphite International Version 2.5.5.

WARNING: This could be dangerous and might cause your Kindle not functioning. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Step 1: Jailbreak

— Visit this link:

— Download the attached file, and unpack it. In here, you’ll find a bunch of .bin files, and a src directory.

— Leave the directory alone, and upload the correct update_*_install.bin file for your kindle to the root directory of your Kindle. (As always, k2 means K2 US, k2i means K2 GW, dx means KDX US, dxi means KDX GW, and dxg means KDX Graphite). For a Kindle 2 International, that would be update_jailbreak_k2i_install.bin for example.

— Now, eject your Kindle, and go to [HOME] -> [MENU] > Settings -> [MENU] > Update Your Kindle. It should be quick, and it should FAIL (With a U006 error, in the bottom left corner of the screen). It’s completely normal, intended, and harmless.

— (To uninstall the hack, just copy the appropriate “uninstall” bin file to the root of your Kindle and update.)

Step 2: Font Hack

— Visit or

— Download the file and the DroidSansFallback1.rar and DroidSansFallback2.rar file.

— Unpack Copy the appropriate font hack bin file to the root of your Kindle along with the “linkfonts” folder found inside the “src” folder.

— Unpack DroidSansFallback1.rar and DroidSansFallback2.rar file. Place the resulted font set in the “linksfont/fonts” folder. If you are asked if you want to overwrite files that are already in that folder, say “yes”.

— Visit and download free_font.part1.rar, free_font.part2.rar, free_font_bold.part1.rar and free_font_bold.part2.rar. Unpack them. You will see two font files: free_font and free_font_bold.

— Go to kindle\linkfonts\fonts, Rename Serif_Regular to Serif_Regular.bak and then rename Serif_Bold to Serif_Bold.bak.

— Copy free_font and free_font_bold to kindle\linkfonts\fonts, then rename free_font to Serif_Regular and then rename free_font_bold to Serif_Bold.

— Safely eject your Kindle from your computer. Click Menu > Settings > Menu > Update Your Kindle. Your new font is installed.

— Anytime you want to change your fonts, add the new fonts to the “linkfont/fonts” folder and just drop a blank “reboot” file in the linkfonts folder (By copying and renaming the existing “autoreboot” blank file, for example) and you’ll be good to go.

— (To remove the font hack, just copy the appropriate “uninstall” bin file to the root of your Kindle and update. Note that you shouldn’t have to deactivate/uninstall it in order to be able to install official Amazon updates.)


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Should I Turn My Kindle Off?

Recently I bought a new Kindle. It’s pretty cool and easy to use. However, there’s one question that puzzled me: Should I turn my Kindle off when not using it?

As a matter of fact, if you don’t touch your Kindle for several minutes, it will automatically go into the “Sleep” mode, just like most computers do. I’ve heard that, since Kindle uses the E-ink technology, it only consume electricity when you turn pages, transfer files, turn it on/off etc. When you read a particular page, unless the wireless is on, it doesn’t use the battery.

I’ve read some Kindle forum postings and found most people agree that it’d be better to let the Kinlde “sleep” than regularly turning it on and off.

But I’m still not convinced, so I emailed the Kindle customer service and below is their answer:

When you’re not using Kindle, it will automatically enter sleep mode. Unless you are storing your Kindle longer than a few days, turning it off is not necessary.

Therefore, from now on, I will not regularly turn my kindle off but just let it sleep. However, I’d remember to turn the wireless off when not using it for a while (such as overnight) because the wireless signal might drain the battery.

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