Welcome to ColorWalk.com! This is a website/blog mainly for graphic design, web design, web programming, etc.

This site is maintained by me, Colorwalk, a programmer/designer who’s currently living on earth. Don’t want to give away too much about myself. However, I can tell you that I speak English and Chinese. So this site is supposed to be bilingual. Thanks to the UTF encoding, I can freely choose whether to post in English or Chinese without too much hassle. If you see something in Chinese, don’t worry, that could be something that you wouldn’t care too much anyway.

你好!欢迎来到 Colorwalk.com!这个网站/博客主要以网页设计、网络编程为核心内容(也可能会有一些无关的扯淡内容)。自我介绍一下,我是 Colorwalk,一个网络工程师兼网页设计师。这个网站的内容将会包括英文和中文两部分。相信大部分中文读者都能应付基本的英语,所以,语言不是大问题,呵呵。

To contact me, send email to the following address. (我的邮箱是:)

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